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One of the unexpected benefits of the COVID-19 pandemic was to expand my long distance healing experience and to discover the joy and freedom in it.  Click here to request an appointment.

How the heck can a healing work if you're not directly with a person?  

Believe me, I was a skeptic, too.  I've included a blurb from the Brennan Healing Science Association below* with a description they use. Personally, I can't explain the physics of how long distance healings work, but let's think about something we all use - WiFi.  Through WiFi - something we don't see, smell, taste, hear or feel - we are all connected and we can all communicate with each other.  So, maybe you're opening to the possibility of long distance healing?

Now, let me tell you how I learned long distance healing.  One day at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, our class split into two, the A's and the B's.  The B's were sent to another room.  Then, the A's (which included me) were told who to give a long distance healing to - not their name, but a number. I was given 8.  I just kept wondering how 8 would receive the healing if I didn't know who he/she was.  After a bit, I settled into the healing with the intention that 8 would lovingly receive it.  I was guided to do healing around 8's diaphragm.  When healings were complete, we were brought into the other room and asked to find our client.  When I walked up to 8, she said "thanks for the diaphragm healing."  I kid you not. So, whether I understand the physics of how it works or not, it works.  If you still have questions, feel free to ask using the contact form.

Following is an *excerpt from The Brennan Healing Science Association International with a description of the art of long distance healing:

A long distance healing uses vibration, intention, inner guidance and most importantly, a connection to the unique inner spark or essence within a person. These components do not change regardless of whether a person is located in the same room as the practitioner or very far away. Physicists have demonstrated that not only can a particle be in two places at once, but that particle can also communicate between those two places.

The practitioner applies various healing techniques in which they were trained, as if the client were physically lying on the healing table or sitting in a chair in front of her/him. The BHS Practitioner works with the person’s energy field to help them connect back to themselves which has the potential to promote self healing and an increased sense of well-being.

Though this technique may still sound a bit “out there” to some people, those who experience a long distance healing usually feel some kind of sensation that indicates the ongoing work. Usually after a healing, people feel more balanced and relaxed physically and mentally, and will often say they felt energy and movement in the area of concern. This sense of relaxation is key and helps wake up the person's own healing mechanisms.

One thing that is important to clarify is that energy healing is considered a tool in supporting the person's healing process, and not a cure. Click here for more information on benefits from an energy healing session

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