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What shifts have taken place in your life during this pandemic that have woken you up?

How do you plan to keep yourself awake once the world begins to turn again?

Don't go back to sleep.

June 7, 2020

Writing repost from Heartwood Yoga Institute.  Photo/layout Jennifer Lowe



People are feeling many things during this pandemic.  Some are calm and peaceful. Many are anxious, fearful, restless, or worried.  Here are some suggestions for what you can do to care for yourself:

Meditate - If you aren't comfortable meditating on your own, there are many free options available online which will help you disconnect from the mental chatter in your head and access the inner wisdom we all have.

Take Time for Pleasure - What gives you joy?  What makes you smile? Whatever this is (don't judge it!), it lets your true self come out.   Do a little more of that each day. 

Be With Nature - Take time to be amongst nature.  Being in the natural rhythms of the earth will support and ground you.  Going outside in nature is best, but if that's not possible, sit with a pet or a plant, look outside and observe a tree sway in the wind.  Or, watch an amazing nature video. (There are lots of live nature cams. You can find your favorite.)  

Nourish Yourself Mind, Body & Soul - In addition to food, give yourself more of what makes you feel good.  It might be a good book, a talk with a friend, or taking an online movement class.

Feel All Your Feelings - There's no way you should or should not feel.  Allow and embrace all your feelings without judgement. Be curious. See what happens.

Get the Support You Need - Many therapists and energy healers are available online and long distance.  Curious? Explore options and reach out to the one(s) that feel right to you.

Written for Blackstone's of Beacon Hill, April 21, 2020

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